For many years Africans ate American shish kebabs with a hint of nostalgia. They savored every stick of skewered beef with accompanying vegetables while dreaming of the real thing back home. And then something happened.
A man aptly named ‘The Suya Master” reproduced the African Shish Kebab experience right in the Nation’s Capital, and things have not been the same since. Word spread quickly of the unbelievable event and patronage defied geographical considerations.
The demand grew exponentially as news spread about the authentic African Shish Kebab called Suya. Loyal customers flew in from different parts of United States for a taste they never believed they could experience this side of the Atlantic. Soon, the Suya Master was invited to most notable African gatherings and celebrations trying to recreate an authentic African outdoor entertainment experience all over the United States. From New York to Atlanta, from Los Angeles to Texas, he traveled back and forth trying to satisfy an appetite for what he only can recreate. And what’s all this hoopla about meat on the stick?
Well, first, Suya is not your average shish kebab: The beef is sliced finely thin and seasoned with authentic African herbs and spices imported only from Nigeria. The Suya Master maintains that the unique blend of seasoning cannot be reproduced…and therein lie the secrets of his Suya’s unique and near-addictive taste.